Alexandra Saldívar

Volunteer taking cans of food of the shelf for a client

*Names are kept anonymous to protect client privacy.

Nineteen years old with a new born, Alexandra was facing the consequences of a financial crisis. With not one person to turn to and no family in the country, she turned to El Buen Samaritano in hopes of guidance to a clearer future. After her initial step of enrolling into our GED program, there were other needs Alexandra sought for the health and well-being of her family.

She was introduced to El Buen Samaritano’s Food Pantry, a food assistance program offering nutritious food and other essential goods to individuals with limited financial resources. She began to enroll in other services that would put her on the track to leading a healthier lifestyle. Knowing that there was childcare available for her one-year-old, she came to our campus motivated to take exercise classes at an affordable rate.


Our Child Learning Center (CLC) was beneficial to both Alexandra and her children. While Alexandra was in class, Angel was given the tools needed upon entering pre-kindergarten. “When Angel started pre-K, it was nothing new to him,” she said. “He was actually excited to go to school because of his experience at the CLC.” Later on, she also enrolled her second child, Erick, in the CLC, knowing it would prepare him just as it had prepared Angel.

But a year ago, the life Alexandra was beginning to rebuild had taken a detour. With two abusive confrontations with her husband, legal issues arising and no job, she was forced to put her GED preparatory classes on hold. She turned to the Wallace Mallory Clinic, where she was provided medical attention for her wounds and began seeing our Integrated Behavioral Health specialist or counselor for the emotional and mental trauma she had endured.

Alexandra, now 23, continues to commute across Austin in hopes of finishing her GED by the end of this year. “I have ACC right across the street from me, but I still decide to come all the way over here,” she said. “For someone to live so far and come to classes here, they must be doing something right.” For the last year and a half, Alexandra has focused on raising her two children and continues to seek help through El Buen Samaritano’s services. She comments that if she didn’t know anything about El Buen Samaritano, she doesn’t know where she would be right now.

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