Francisca López de Soler

Francisca and her daughter visiting the food pantry

“Coming to El Buen Samaritano’s Food Pantry opened many doors for me and my family,” said Francisca on her last visit to El Buen’s Food Pantry. “It was heaven-sent.”

Last February, Francisca came through the doors of El Buen to access what she referred to as a program that was “heaven-sent”. “The food is very healthy,” she said. “I’ve been part of other programs where the food wasn’t near as healthy. It’s really great!” El Buen’s Food Pantry not only provided fresh and healthy food for Francisca’s family, but also nutritious baby food and diapers for her newborn baby girl Melanie–something that was unique to her about our program.

With a newborn, a husband who sends money to Honduras to support his children, and no job due to caring for her daughter, Francisca looked for ways to make ends meet through programs that helped those in similar situations.  As time had quickly slipped away, things were finally beginning to look up as Francisca’s friend had pointed her in the right direction—El Buen Samaritano’s Food Pantry.

During the six months she received help from the Food Pantry, Francisca found herself motivated by many who had entered the doors of El Buen. With a niece finishing up ESL classes, Francisca also plans to start her educational journey at El Buen. She is inspired to use more of our services that will continue to help her and her family live healthy and productive lives.

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